What's In Your Nail Polish?

Do you know what toxic chemicals are in your nail polish? Kaeess Nail Polish is 10-free of toxic chemicals that cause respiratory issues, infertility, and cancer. It is very possible to have a vibrant, chip-resistant nail color without toxic chemicals. #TakeTheToxinsOutYourPolish

1.) Dibutyl Phthalate- This toxic chemical has been linked to birth defects, cancer, and skin irritation.

2.) Toluene- This toxic chemical has been listed by the Environmental Protection Agency as a harmful respiratory toxicant. Toluene causes dizziness, skin irritation, and nausea. Pregnant women should not be exposed to this toxicant for a long period of time.

3.) Camphor- This toxic chemical causes liver damage, dizziness, and seizures when inhaled or consumed

4.) Formaldehyde- This chemical has been directly linked to cancer. Formaldehyde also causes eye, nose and throat irritation.

5.) Formaldehyde Resin- This toxic chemical causes skin irritation and respiratory issues.

6.) Parabens- This preservative is known to affect the way hormones function.

7.) Xylene- This chemical is known to cause direct damage to the central nervous system.

8.) Ethyl Tosylamide- This chemical is banned in Europe because of the concern of its antibiotic properties and antibiotic resistance.

 9.) Fragrance 

10.)  ANIMAL Ingredients 

Kaeess Nail Polish is dedicated to making sure you can enjoy painting your nails without toxic chemicals. Kaeess Nail Polish doesn't test on animals or use animal products.